Book Cover

Cover design for the book Nel mondo che verrà

Weller’s monotype, Giro IV, appears on the cover of Nel mondo che verrà, a collection of 13 poems about Italy by the American poet Roberta Spear (1949-2003). The book, with an introduction by Philip Levine, is translated from the English and published by Edizioni Medusa, Milan, Italy, June 2009. The artist was involved with the book throughout the publishing process.

For further information about Spear and the book, please contact the artist.

Cover design for the book Boonrod

Written by Paola Tonussi of Verona, Boonrod is the story of a dog the author rescued from a shelter in Thailand and brought to Italy. The book is written from Boonrod’s point of view.

The Italian version is shown on the left, and the English version is shown on the right. 

Book Cover
o_Boonrod cover--English

Cover art for the CD Lonely Crowd by The Shape

o_Piccolo Uccello V
o_Lonely Crowd by The Shape